Tax Debt Testimonials

Thanks guys you really did help. Just make your site easier on the eye. J/k.

Austin, TX

Kept my business alive and my livelihood. Thanks again.

Portland, OR

Business Tax Help for the IRS or State

Received A Notice of a Federal or State Tax Lien or Levy?
Need Help With Your Business Tax Debt?

What Happens If You Cannot Pay?

If you avoid paying or you cannot pay your payroll taxes there are consequences. Tax Liens and Tax Levies can take effect only leading to the business going OUT of business. If you cannot pay, you may not be in business anymore. Bankruptcy or a restructuring will not discharge the business from its Tax Liability. Therefore a business should either submit a plan to the IRS or State to pay the taxes or settle. Sometimes, payroll liabilities can become the owner(s) responsibility and the IRS can enforce civil penalties. Lastly, even a person or entity that is not an employee or owner of the business can be responsible for the back taxes if the IRS feels that the individual or business entity is responsible for the delinquency.

Don't feel that you are alone. We have helped thousands of businesses get back on their feet. In fact, the IRS states about 2.2 million businesses owe over $55 billion in Payroll Tax. You will need to fill out 940 and 941 payroll tax forms, and form 1120 tax returns for C corporations, S corporations, and international companies. Just contact us by filling out the form to the right or calling us and we can help you in this process.

What Are Your Options?

Option 1: Do Nothing and Wait.
Not the best option. You want your business to stay in business and you don't want any civil potential cases. Option 1 is not recommended.

Option 2: Pay The Amount Off
Easier said than done. Many businesses cannot pay the amount without experiencing final struggle or going bankrupt. If you cannot, you should look to work with professionals (tax attorneys and CPAs) as most individuals face this problem.

Option 3: Set Up A Payment Plan With The State or IRS

Working with specialists makes it easy and if you setup a payment plan or offer in compromise things can become under control. Don't worry about the necessary forms. Not sure if you want to work with us? Get A Free Quote on the right quickly. Nothing to lose as the quote comes with no obligation and a free consultation. The IRS or State will not levy or seize property some sort of agreement or payment plan in effect.