Tax Debt Testimonials

Thanks guys you really did help. Just make your site easier on the eye. J/k.

Austin, TX

Kept my business alive and my livelihood. Thanks again.

Portland, OR

Having Trouble Paying Your Business Taxes? Unpaid Payroll Taxes?
Stop Your From Going Under. Period

business tax helpUnpaid Payroll taxes are just as difficult on a business as back taxes are to an individual. If you forget to file your payroll taxes or pay them, you could not only be facing stiff penalties (like the Trust Fund Penalty) but you could also face Federal charges. One of many mistakes businesses make is sometimes the payroll taxes they withhold from employees paychecks are used to keep the lights on where causes only more serious issues down the road.

940 & 941 Business Tax Problems

If you face issues with forgetting to file or pay 940 (unemployment) or 941 (payroll) taxes it is in your best interests to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If you do not, you could face a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (lavish) and levies on your bank account, equipment, and other assets.

The IRS may consider the person who is supposed to pay the payroll taxes, the business owners, the person who is supposed to collect the taxes, as personally responsible for the payroll tax issues.

Don't feel that you are alone. We have helped thousands of businesses get back on their feet. In fact, the IRS states about 2.2 million businesses owe over $55 billion in Payroll Tax. You will need to fill out 940 and 941 payroll tax forms, and 1120 tax returns for C corporations, S corporations, and international companies.

Don't bet against a criminal investigation, levies, or bankruptcy if you fail to pay payroll taxes. Speak to a talk professional today.