Thanks for you help. The Payment
Plan gave me breathing room.

Detroit, MI

Thanks for your help. You guys were easy to deal with and got the job done.

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Need Help With IRS Forms To Request An Installment Agreement?
Want To Make Monthly Payments To Eliminate Tax Debt?

irs installment agreement helpAn IRS Installment Agreement is a plan for you to pay off back taxes over time. You can call it an Installment Agreement, an IRS Payment agreement, IRS Payment option, or a IRS payment plan -- they all have the same result. In other words, over time you make payments on taxes you owe which is more manageable than paying it all at once. Although a payment plan may be better for you in terms of cash flow, paying off all your taxes at once will save you money because interest will not accrue. If you cannot pay your taxes all at once, then an Installment AGreement becomes attractive and may be your only solution.

What Are My Next Steps To Get An Installment Agreement?

1) You can either apply one by yourself using the IRS Online Payment Agreement application as long as your debt is less than $25,000 or you can request a free quote for assistance using the form above. The quote is confidential and comes with no obligation. We recommend a professional for debts over $25,000 and even for debt over $10,000 as the IRS code and procedures can get complicated and it is always a good idea to work with experienced tax professionals who have worked with the IRS before.

2) Make sure you know ho much you we in back taxes and if you don't you can call the IRS or have our professionals work with you to find out. Make sure you take into account any penalties and interest charges.