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IRS / State Tax Penalties Building Up? Want To Know Your Options?

irs penalties helpWhat Are Your Options?

Option 1: Do Nothing. Obviously you have come to this site because of an IRS or State tax problem. Tax Penalties just build up along with Interest so doing nothing is not smart because liens and levies will follow if taxes are unpaid. Option 1 is not recommended.

Option 2: Pay The Taxes and Interest. Easier said than done. Just because you can't pay all of the taxes and interest off right now does not mean that the IRS is not going to work with you.

Option 3: Work Out A Payment Plan With The State or IRS. IRS Penalties and State Penalties will add to your unpaid balance and could lead to more extreme actions by the IRS. You can negotiate with the IRS yourself but you need to way the amount of time you have in researching all revelant forms and actions versus working with specialists who do this all day. We provide experts who will help you reduce your debt quickly through many methods including an Offer In Compromise. Get A Free Quote on the right quickly. Nothing to lose as the free quote comes with no obligation.