Thanks for all your help. Love the fact that I didn't have to pay for any services with my first phone conversation.


San Deigo, CA

Thanks for helping me get my tax lien removed. You saved my credit and I am now purchasing a house.

-Susan C.,
New York, NY

Thanks for helping me work out a settlement of 40% savings and a payment plan that I can afford.

Thank you.

Charleston, SC

Remove IRS & State Tax Lien

Received A Notice of a Federal or State Tax Lien?

Remove The Tax Lien Easily With Experts?

remove tax lienWhat Is A Tax Lien?

A tax lien is easy to understand if you break it down as is usually the first major enforcement used by taxing authorities (State or the IRS). A lien in general is a claim or security of interest placed on personal property to secure the repayment of debt. Therefore, a tax lien is a lien imposed by Federal or state law to secure payment of back taxes. A Tax Lien can be put on your personal property and is communicated to the world via the "Clerks" office or state record system. Typically, the IRS or State will notify you first of unpaid taxes. If you decide not to act (depends on state as procedures vary) within 10 days, then a tax lien will be issued on your personal property. This issuance notifies government public records.

What Are Your Tax Lien Options?

Option 1: Do Nothing and Wait.
A tax lien generally cannot be enforced after 10 years but during those 10 years the IRS or State can take action by seizing property (banks, house, etc). Furthermore, a tax lien stays on your credit report for a very long time and you don't want to damage your credit. Option 1 is not recommended.

Option 2: Pay The Lien Off
Generally after 30 days, the lien will be released/removed. Easier said than done. Many people cannot pay the amount without experiencing final struggle. If you cannot, you should look to work with professionals (tax attorneys and CPAs) as most individuals face this problem. YOU CANNOT sell your home or personal property until you deal with the Tax lien.

Option 3: Set Up A Payment Plan With The State or IRS
Our experts will help you either settle your debt, or settle it with a payment plan. We are experts at negotiation with a staff of former IRS Attorneys. After you fill out the form, the quote and consultation tells you how much you can save and there is no commitment on your part just for taking a consultation. The IRS or State will not levy or seize property if you work and negotiate with them.