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A Little about the free tax consultation... The first consultation is free! You can simply request a free quote for your specific tax problem but you also have the option to get a tax analysis or free consultation. The consultation will start with a tax expert reviewing the tax situation you are facing. You will understand your options, how much you can save, and negotiation can be done on your behalf. Use the form above to get started.

Tax Debt Testimonials

Steve M., New York, NY
Thanks for helping me settle for 60% less. I am now on a reasonable payment plan and path to getting the IRS off my back. Thanks so much!! :-) 

Karen L., Chicago, IL
I owed over $50,000 to State and IRS combined. I started with the free quote and qualification call and found myself in good hands and settlement over 50%. Thanks again!

Steve V., Denver, CO 
I was 100k with my business in regards to payroll taxes. I couldn't let the employees go and let the company go under. The IRS was not being cooperative. With your help, I can keep my doors open.