Release Wage Levy

Has the IRS or State Sent You a Notice of Intent to Levy Your Wages? Need Help Releasing a Wage Levy?

What Is A Wage Levy?

 release wage levy A levy in general is a seizure of personal property whether paycheck, bank, or real estate etc. A Wage Levy is a type of levy or enforcement by the Internal Revenue Service or State to recover back taxes that you owe. A Wage Levy can impact in many causes up to 25% of your disposable income and can create financial hardship not to mention that you should attempt through the use of Tax Professionals to negotiate or compromise with IRS or State.

What Options Do You Have With an IRS Wage Levy?

  1. 1. Do Nothing (you are proactive being finding us)
    2. Try To Take On The Wage Levy Yourself 
    3. Connect with Ex-IRS Agent, CPA, or Tax Attorney and Start With Free Analysis
First consultation and analysis is free of charge with no obligation. Use the Form or Call. You normally will get issued a quote once we understand your tax situation. Tax Attorneys team and Tax CPAs are available. Possibly reduce your total tax debt and prevent bankruptcy. Your information is secure and confidential and will not be shared with anyone other then tax specialists.